User guide

To place an advert you must be registered and signed in. Click on (place advert) on the top of your screen. This will bring you to add new product. Click on add product image. Click on upload files and select files. When you select the image  from your gallery, you must allow it a few seconds to load into the media library first. It will then automatically attach back into your advert. Repeat this process for further pictures by clicking the + tab under the add product image tab. Each picture that you select from your gallery will automatically load into your gallery before attaching to your advert. Fill in all details including, product name, start date and end date, starting price and reserve price, product details, proxi bids or normal auction ( explanation included on the page), reverse auction if you are tendering for the lowest bid on a job. Insert your County name at the end and lastly click add auction product. (Product name, County and description are mandatory fields)
Adverts can easily be edited by logging in to the website and going to the my auctions button on the home page

When an auction is ended and the reserve price is met, both parties will receive an email with each others contact details. It is up to each party to make contact with each other.